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Business and Shipping System Integration

CMH has qualified engineers who have experience in almost all available platforms. We have completed numerous PC to host systems integration projects, making real time or batch transfer simple, flexible, and reliable. We utilize a propritary connectivity tool allowing important package information to be shared with the order processing systems and other business applications. Some of the platforms we have worked with are IBM AS/400, UNIX, Qantel, Wang, Novell, Windows/NT and others. Some of the integration methods are:

    Access System Facilities:  Receives or sends data to ASCII files, INI files, DBF files using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).Data Interchange:  Transfer data through DLL and Windows Clipboard, and send data between programs using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
    Terminal Emulation:  Possible to capture data from DOS programs screens, etc.  Exchange of data can be done through Rumba, Qantel, and Procomm Plus for Windows.
    Ports:  Implements communications through serial and parallel ports and also through keyboards. 

These integration tools are used to Connect with virtually any application interfaces.  Some of the interfaces are Internet Browsers, Teminal Emulators, EDI Translator, Label Designer, Tracking Systems, etc.


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